The National Basic Science Data Center (hereinafter referred to as "NBSDC") relies on the solid foundation of 40 years of scientific data work of Chinese Academy of Sciences (hereinafter referred to as "CAS") led by CAS Computer Network Information Center,  jointly constructed by more than 40 units under CAS, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, National Defense Bureau of Science and Technology, State Forestry Administration, Heilongjiang Province, etc. Covering about 17 types of first-level disciplines, forming 23 subject libraries, a total of 1.5 petabytes of online service data, nearly 900 million data records, forming a perfect standard system, technical system and software stack, service system comprehensively covering "data service - information service - knowledge service", innovating a new model of scientific data publishing, and leading the efficient aggregation, open sharing, multidisciplinary scientific data analysis and innovative applications.

        Since the State launched the scientific data archiving of key R&D projects in 2020, the National Basic Science Data Center has supported the data archiving of more than 500 projects in 37 specialized areas of six project management organizations, with the total amount of archived data exceeding 1 PB. In the past two years, the National Basic Science Data Center has served more than 1,000 major projects, supported more than 3,000 papers, and formed 519 typical service cases, which has strongly supported scientific and technological strengthening, "One Belt, One Road" international cooperation, cultural confidence, ecological protection, industrial innovation and people's life and health.